Welcome to the world of natural chews

for adult dogs and puppies

Welcome to the world of Petmex natural chews

The aim of the Petmex Company is to provide high-quality natural dog snacks. We offer a wide range of dried chews made only of top-quality raw materials from trusted suppliers.

We use the latest technologies to manufacture our chews and we do not forget about natural environment. This is why all our products undergo a drying process allowing preserving their natural flavour and aroma. Owing to this, our chews do not contain preservatives or artificial flavours, so your pet gets a healthy snack full of nutritional values.

The HACCP system and supervision of the best veterinarians over the whole production process assure the safety of our products. 

Your pet’s health and happiness are our priority.

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Petmex Company
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About us

We are a Polish manufacturer of natural dog chews and we offer the highest quality of products. But first of all, we are huge animal lovers. We love dogs as much as you do and we want them to live a long and happy life. Thus, in gratitude for their love, we provide them with healthy and tasty snacks.

Our products

Since the establishment of our company, we have been manufacturing natural chews for adult dogs and puppies. We offer, among other things, pig ears, pork snouts, pig stomachs, rawhide chews, hambone, beef mix, cow ears, beef heart, chicken fillet and chicken feet. Our chews for adult dogs and puppies are not only tasty, but also healthy.

Teasers production

We take care of all the steps of the manufacturing process. We obtain raw materials from trusted suppliers, treat them thoroughly, and process using modern technology. Veterinarians supervise the whole process, so we can be sure that the quality of our products is good.

Where to buy?

You can find Petmex natural chews for adult dogs and puppies in good pet shops. We collaborate with both traditional and internet stores. Thanks to a long list of distributors, our healthy snacks are available in Poland and abroad.

Advantages of our chews

Chewing hard objects is a natural need of every dog. Sustained, unhurried focus on a snack and monotonous jaw movements will put your pet in a state of blissful relaxation. Moreover, our chews are a source of vitamins, minerals, and macroelements necessary for correct development.

Natural chews

All our chews are made of natural raw materials, without artificial flavourings or preservatives. Therefore, your pet gets what is best for it: a healthy, naturally flavoured snack full of nutritional values.

Don’t worry! Leave the shipment of your order in our hands. For all international deliveries, we use the reliable external service provider, who will knock on your door long before you know it. All domestic orders are operated by our own delivery vehicles, which guarantees the highest transportation quality and meeting all tight deadlines.