Petmex Company
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About us

About us

What does the Petmex Company do?

The Petmex Company manufactures natural dog chews. It was established out of love for our four-legged friends. Its main aim is to provide dog owners with healthy, natural, and nutritious snacks for their pets.
Petmex is a manufacturer of diverse natural dog chews, such as smoked ears, chicken feet, and beef bones. It keeps introducing new products, which not only meet the expectations of the clients, but most of all bring much joy to their dogs, to its offer. 100% natural and healthy snacks are the best way to give a pet some joy or reward its good behaviour.

Petmex manufactures natural dog chews without preservatives and artificial additives. 

The main goal of the company is to care about the quality of the manufactured dog snacks so that they stand out among competitors’ products. This approach is rather unusual, because — as we can see — until now, dog chews made of very good ingredients were not available in pet shops. Most of them contained chemical additives, unnecessary fillers, or artificial flavourings, which negatively affect health and welfare of animals. Petmex chews are different, as they are beneficial for dogs’ digestive tract and hair, supply healthy energy, and strengthen vital forces.

Petmex’s distinctive feature is quality guaranteed by the chews production process.

This dog chews manufacturer wanted to change the image of pet snacks available in Poland, so establishing a company specialised in such production was a natural consequence. Petmex chews are not only made of high-quality ingredients, but first of all, the production process is designed with pets’ health in mind. The company uses natural methods of thermal treatment, which assure freshness and natural flavour. The entire production process is controlled not only by internal quality departments and company owners, but also by veterinarians. It makes Petmex a leading dog chews manufacturer in Poland. It successfully exports its products to other countries, which also expect high-quality natural dog snacks.

Petmex offers beef bones, chicken feet, and pig ears, which are our four-legged friends’ favourite snacks.

Dog chew production is expanded every year with new products for pets. Lately, pork rawhide crisps and strips, loved by all dog breeds, have been enjoying a lot of popularity. Clients have also expressed interest in chew mixes, i.e. sets of different chews in one package. They are a good gift for a pet thanks to the diversity of chews they contain.