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#1 Natural chews production

Petmex natural chews are made only of animal raw materials of the best quality. We offer chicken, pork, and beef snacks manufactured under veterinary inspection supervision no. 12078303.
Among a wide range of Petmex products, you will find top-class chews suitable for every dog breed and age. We use offal, ears, rawhide, legs, bones and many other delicacies for dogs in the manufacturing process.

We use only the best methods of drying natural chews.

Thanks to our safe and effective thermal pasteurisation method, our natural dog chews have long shelf life, do not contain preservatives, flavour enhancers, or fillers, and every pet will find them delicious.
We dry our products at low temperatures, without smoke or artificial substances. This way we guarantee 12-month shelf life and high nutrients content. Moreover, thermal processing eliminates salmonella and enterobacteriaceae. Petmex is a manufacturer you can trust.

Petmex natural chews equal quality and high nutrients contents.

Each natural chew is a great toy rich in nutrients, vitamins, microelements, and proteins, which are beneficial for the bacterial flora, clean dog’s teeth and mouth, improve intestinal peristalsis. Thanks to appropriate density, hardness, and elasticity, your pet can play with the Petmex chews for hours.

Quality systems and regular veterinary inspections

To assure the highest quality of our natural chews, we have implemented the following quality systems: HACCP, GHP, and GMP. Moreover, the Petmex Company is under constant veterinary supervision. It makes our products safe for canine health, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Teasers production